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    Serp Analytics - Comprehensive Set of SEO and SEM Research

    No positions - either positions were not found or this site hasn't been processed yet.
    In general, position report is available the next day you added the site and/or keywords.
    Manage your keywords for monitoring. [close]
    We are generating reports right now! They will be available the next day you added the site in this list. [close]

    Groups are useful when you want to monitor several sites for the same bunch of keywords.

    First of all, it is convenient: you add keywords only once, not for every site in the group.

    Second, it is more efficient: you can monitor more keywords, as total number of keywords is counted for groups, not for every site in the groups.

    Sites – List of your sites combined into groups

    Dynamics – Positions dynamics for your site
    moved up – How many positions moved up compared to previous check

    Traffic – Estimated number of visitors coming to your site from Google organic search results (per month)

    E-mail report – Select whether to receive email daily reports for the domain or not

    Delete – Delete the site from your list

    Some of your groups have no keywords associated with them. We can't perform position tracking for these groups. Please, add keywords for these groups

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